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I have attention deficit disorder, and i need some advice on motivation, could you help me with that please?
Some magic questions
Ask yourself: (1) How does ADHD hurt those I love? (2) What is ADHD keeping me from achieving in my life? (3) Six months from now, what story do I want to be telling about how ADHD affects my life? (4) And one year from now, what do I want to be able to say about how I learned to keep ADHD from holding me back from the life I want? See more »
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I have an anxiety when I used to presnt in front of puplic. What can I do to relive this anxiety and feel free to talk?
Work Your Way Up
Imagine different types of audiences to present to - audiences you think likely to judge your performance (a) very critically; (b) somewhat critically; (c) neutrally; (d) somewhat uncritically; and (e) very uncritically. Give presentations to each type of audience, working your way up from the least to the most critical. Once you feel comfortable with one type, graduate to the next type. See more »
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How can I increase my memory to remember facts in such as in biology, history etc.?
Study actively
The harder you make your brain work to relate and group facts, the more likely you'll be to remember them. Some things to try: (a) Create visual representations of the facts. (b) Use vivid imagery and make up ridiculous or funny stories using the facts. (c) Create acronyms using the facts or make up rhymes/songs with them. (d) Keep track of which facts you know and don't. (e) Google "mnemonics." See more »
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I have anxiety. I obsess over my blood work results that I already know are fine. I worry that they missed something or I'm gonna die.How to overcome?
Quieting obsessions
Many young kids are afraid of monsters. We know it's pointless to try to convince them that monsters exist only in their imaginations. In your case, it's like you've got a child always next to you living in perpetual fear that something is (or will be) wrong with you. A psychologist specializing the treatment of obsessions and compulsions can teach you how to quiet this child, so to speak. See more »
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Can you overcome agoraphobia?
YES, but first...
you must really want to because you'll need to face your fear! This will likely make you very uncomfortable at times. Just thinking about it might get you panicked. But keep these points in mind: (a)You can take baby steps toward your goal. (b)There are experts who can help you come up with a plan + coach you through it. (c)Doing the work, you'll gradually diminish your fear and expand your world. See more »
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I am a teenage girl with OCD. Is it a bad thing and how can I help it on my own?
Seek knowledge
OCD can boss you around & try to spook you. It can rob your life of fun & joy & it can really take a toll on your relationships. It causes some.people great anguish & suffering. Suggestion: Make it your mission to learn all about it -the various forms it takes & how exposure & response prevention (ERP) treatment can help. Find trustworthy sources of info such as the International OCD Foundation. See more »
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What's "verbal agitation"?
2 Types
"Agitated behavior" = inappropriate motor activity (both aggressive & non-aggressive) &/OR inappropriate vocalizations/verbalizations.  Agitated VERBAL behavior can be: (a) AGGRESSIVE (e.g., cursing; hostile, threatening or abusive statements); or (b) NON-AGRESSIVE (e.g., incoherent babbing or screaming; repetitive questioning; frequent requests for attention).  See more »
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Can a sex change be covered by health insurance if gender identity disorder is proven?
Yes to may cover
As VP Joe Biden said recently, referring to equality for transgender -identified persons, "This is THE civil rights issue of our time." Increasingly, health insurers are covering gender-affirming medical interventions. Those of us who advocate for trans-inclusion & equality view these treatments on par w/ treatments for medical conditions" like pregnancy. No one would say pregnancy is a disorder! See more »
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Who can I talk to regarding gender identity disorder?
WPATH Expert!
For expert help closest to you check the referral directory of The World Association for Transgender Heath (WPATH). And FYI: WPATH publishes "best practices" Standards of Care. (Find the most recent edition of the Standards on the WPATH website.) BTW, the newly elected president of WPATH, Dr. Jamison Green, has happens to be transgender. (See jamisongreen.com) See more »
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Should a 16 year old girl who has gender disorder be treated with prozac and testostorne ?
Seek expert guidance
Depression, distress &anxiety are very common among transgender-identified kids & teens. Tragically, more than 25% of trans-identified teens commit suicide. It's a cause of great suffering when your internal experience of yourself doesn't match your external appearance, voice, etc. For someone who identifies as male but was assigned "female" at birth, testosterone can be positively life-changing. See more »
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